Wisdom Tooth Removal

When you hear you have to have your wisdom tooth removed, it doesn’t sound like good news, but it’s not so scary after all. When you have your wisdom tooth removed at Blue Dental, you will be treated by an expert Oral and Maxillo facial surgeon under local anaesthesia. If you are still apprehensive about the process, we can make it even more comfortable with the help of sedation.

Do all Wisdom teeth need to be removed?

No. Not all wisdom teeth will have to be removed. Wisdom teeth will only need to be removed when they grow improperly causing unnecessary discomfort to the adjacent tooth.

What happens when you do not remove a problematic wisdom tooth?

Skipping out on it can lead to long lasting problems in your mouth. A partially erupted wisdom tooth can lead to a bacterial infection called pericoronitis, causing severe pain and swelling in that region. They also affect the adjacent good tooth. For the sake of an extra tooth, you may end up losing a good tooth.

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