Invisible Braces

Invisible braces, also called as clear aligners are a revolutionary new technology TO CORRECT TEETH AND ALIGN them. It utilizes a series of custom-made clear aligners set which are made of transparent plastic sheets that fit over the teeth to reposition them. you through proper diagnosis and treatment planning.
How will the treatment commence?
The treatment will commence after showing a virtual set up displaying a series of teeth movement involved in the whole procedure, to the patient.
What are the advantages of invisible braces?
One of the biggest advantages for the patient wearing an aligner is that it is barely noticeable that he/she is undergoing the treatment.

  • The patient can carry on with his normal lifestyle as there will be no hindrance from the braces
  • There will be no restriction on the type of food that can be consumed
  • This treatment requires less frequent visits to the orthodontist for checkups.
  • They can be removed at any time
Am I a candidate for invisible braces?

Almost all patients can go in for invisible braces treatment. Consult with your specialist at Blue Dental to know if you are the right candidate for invisible braces.

Can adults also undergo braces treatment?
There is no age limit for this kind of corrective treatment. You can use braces to correct misaligned teeth at any age, just so long as your teeth, gums and bones are reasonably strong. This is because pressure will be applied to move the teeth. Naturally, you need to have tough, robust, and flexible gum tissue that is able to bounce back if you want to wear braces.
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