Dentistry for your Child

Going to a paediatric dentists is often a very traumatic experience for a child. We here at Blue Dental take it as our primary responsibility to make the experience as friendly and fun as possible for the child.

At Blue Dental, you can be rest assured that your child will receive the best treatment possible from the paediatric dentists, as well as all of our staff in the clinic who are trained to handle children.

Why should my child visit a dentist regularly?

Your child’s first set of teeth are extremely important.  Milk teeth, just like permanent teeth, if not cared for can lead to caries. The discomfort and pain caused by these caries are very traumatic to children. Milk teeth also guides the permanent teeth to grow into a correct position. Hence, taking care of them at an early stage saves the child from pain and discomfort and can also prevent the child from undergoing complicated orthodontic treatments later on.

How often do I bring my child for a checkup?
It is recommended that you bring your child to the dentist every 3 months for a checkup and to also have a routine checkup carried out at home by the parents.
What is the most common problem found in kids?
The most common problem are cavities, especially early childhood caries. These cavities spread rapidly if not treated during early childhood. This could lead to the kids losing their milk teeth with a possibility of the bacteria affecting the permanent teeth as well. Early loss of milk teeth leads to misalignment of permanent teeth.
What are the procedures to protect my child from having cavities?

There are two ways to protect your child’s teeth

  • Fluoride application or Dental varnish
  • Sealant application

If cavities are present, fillings may need to be done.

If the cavities are severe causing pain, usually pulpectomy (root canal treatment for a child) followed by a crown procedure is done.

Blue Dental is home to an experienced panel of pediatric dentists who will provide answers to all your queries on your child’s dental health and to nurture good dental habits in your child from an early age.


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