How Blue Was Born

In recent times, medical advancements have reached the sky’s limit, however old values have been left behind. We have been witnessing a feeling of disconnect between the patient and the doctor. We wish to change this by bringing you the best of technology along with the old principles of patient/doctor relationship and that’s how Blue was born.

Why the name Blue? Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence. Blue is also associated with tranquility and calmness.

We believe in giving all the above qualities to our patients.

We strive to listen to our patients’ concerns and address them the best way we can. We aim to have a relationship based dental practice.

We are very passionate about the care we provide to our patients and it is our true desire to deliver the very best dentistry available, to you.

We work hard every day to ensure that our patients enjoy the benefits of our philosophy.

We are not corporately owned and hence we are not focused on the bottom line. Not focusing on the bottom line helps us deliver a superior level of care to our patients, which is the utmost importance for us.

We are centrally located at a very convenient location and working on all days to make sure your convenience is not compromised.

There are lakhs of people in India that are terrified of going to the dentist. We at Blue Dental aim to alleviate these fears one by one, patient by patient.


Address: No.5, Javeed Masjid Complex
1st Floor, H-Block, 3rd Avenue
Anna Nagar East, Chennai – 600 102.

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