Teeth Whitening Treatment, Anna Nagar Chennai

White is the universal accepted color for peace and it brings people an inner state of attraction with unique thoughts and also delivers a long-lasting memory when situations or memories are related to white. Daily habits First impression is a key to relationship...

Say goodbye to painful Root Canal Treatment!

Root canal treatment is one of the sessions that every individual thoroughly dreads and anticipates with fear. However, at Blue Dental, you can look forward to a comfortable, minimal pain treatment. What is a root canal treatment? A root canal is a procedure to...
Popular Dental Myths about Scaling (Teeth Cleaning)

Popular Dental Myths about Scaling (Teeth Cleaning)

Myths are very much part of everyday life. But when myths intertwine with health areas, the outcome is potentially dangerous and only does more harm than good as far as your oral hygiene in concerned. The most common question that we come across regarding SCALING,...

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