Dental care and maintenance is as important as taking care of our body and our health. As busy as life can get these days, it is advisable to get dental check-ups on a regular basis. Presently, food habits and unhealthy lifestyle has caused dental problems which have lead to very painful surgeries and restorations. Unchecked and unhealthy habits causes the tooth to decay and wear out over time causing it to rot and then involving nerve extractions and restorations. But with the technological and medical advancements that are aspiring day-to-day, extractions and restorations have become easy and pain-free. Blue Dental Clinic provides such treatments, with the best-in-class technology and facilities that ensures comfortability and speedy treatments.

What are they, and how are they placed?

Crowns are placed over an existing tooth, made out of cement or ceramic, in the case of rotting or breakage. The shape, size and colour are checked for and the resembling crown is made and fixed in the place. Root canal treatments also involves the places of crowns. Bridges are places to cover up the space of a missing tooth. They are cemented and placed near the existing teeth, so that it does not look awkward. These crowns and bridges can last for as long as they can, probably a lifetime too, but under proper dental care and oral hygiene. These crowns and bridges can be made out of cement, metal or ceramic. There are numerous places for dental crowns and bridges in Chennai. Blue Dental Clinic is one such place to get your smile back. They provide the best treatments for dental crowns and bridges in Anna Nagar.

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